G20 w/ Cramp-o-Matic binding


G22 w/ Cramp-o-Matic binding


If you dance on ice, do figure 4's or kick up your heels over head, this new breed of Grivel crampons are for you. You'll hardly notice the scant 800 grams of weight that is added to your boots - for the most natural and efficient climbing experience ever. G20s feature an offset "T" shaped forged mono point to take advantage of pick pockets, iced up cracks and inside corners and the G22 sports dual "hooded" forged points for super stable support in all types of ice - including transitional and alpine. Both have splayed secondary points for more comfortable flat foot technique and better purchase. The new Mono-Rail design with dual middle points - provides stability on bulges and less snow build up than traditional designs. "No-tool" macro and micro size adjustment with fine tuning wheel built into the heel cam makes it easy for a change in boots or leaders. . Put a pair into a COMBO (10% SAVINGS) or SUPER PACKAGE (15% SAVINGS) for extra value. Fits sz 37-47 (5-13 US).
best: mixed & waterfall
G20 C-O-M (offset mono point) wt: 28 oz (794 g) price: 215.00
G22 C-O-M (dual point) wt: 32.8 oz (930 g) price: 225.00
EXTENDER BARS (sz 11 & up)   price: $15.00
XL STRAPS (expedition boots)   price: $13.00
Spare ANTI-BOT   price: $45.00
CRAMPON SAFE w/ Logo   price: $20.00
POINT PROTECTORS   price: $12.00

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