The MICRO TRAXION is an ultra compact pulley, hauler and rope grab, “all-in-one” for use with static or dyamic ropes from 8 to 11 mm. This allows the climber to employ the versatile, lightweight and highly efficient MICRO TRAXION for many chores. Use in conjunction with your GRIGRI or a ASCENSION ascenders to climb a "fixed" rope, as a progress capture pulley to haul your pack or bag or yourself across a Tyrolean traverse. Cam can be locked in the open position for use as a free running pulley and when engaged, teeth assure a good bit on muddy or icy ropes. Rated for personal use in Fall Factor 1 or less situations (climbing up to but not above the anchor) the MICRO TRACTION can become your best friend and full time training partner. Use in tandem, each with an ATTACHE SL or OK LOCKING Carabiner for self belay on a fixed rope. On trad climbs, a dropped belay device doesn't mean disaster - you can belay your partner up with the MICRO TRAXION. Sealed ball bearing, 25 mm diameter, recommended for 8-11mm rope. Complete instructions included. Made in France.

wt: 3.6 oz, 85 g strength: 3375lbf (15 kN)
safe working load: 562 lb price: $109.95
ATTACHE 3D Screwgate price: $20.95

Friday, July 14, 2017 3:26 PM
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