Petzl PRO TRAXION Self-Racheting Pulley

For greater efficiency in hauling heavy loads, the rachetting PRO TRACTION is fitted with a 38mm (1.5") diameter sheave and can be rigged with rope while still clipped to the anchor. This is THE ticket for big wall freight hauling and all but eliminates bobbling and dropping a critical piece of gear. Use the lower carabiner holes to clip a directional pulley as part of rigging a compound mechanical raising system to ease your work load. Rated for "hauling" humans and belaying oneself on a fixed rope - dynamic or static - from 8 to 13 mm diameter. Complete instructions included. Use with OK LOCKING or ATTACHE Carabiners.

wt: 9.5 oz strength: 4950 lbf (22 kN)
safe working load: 560 lb price: $129.95

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