The BLACK BEAN is a tricked out HOT TAMALE designed for the extreme needs of alpinists, ice and expedition climbers. First off - you'll benefit from the carrying power of our Flexframe™ - which supports your load from the bottom up while protecting your back from pointy and odd shaped objects. As you hike, ski and climb the Flexframe™ twists and flexes with your every move - just like your spine and rib cage does. This greater comfort and freedom of movement increases overall climbing efficiency... and makes a fully stuffed BLACK BEAN feel lighter than it really is. So if 50 pounds feel like 30 - you'll climb better and faster!
Some of the trick features we've laid on the BLACKBEAN include a full length Shovel Pocket (which is also a great place to stash a hardshell jacket); tool tubes (fits COBRAS, VIPERS, QUARKS, etc); a center "trap door" ski carrier (doubles as water bottle or ice screw compartment), wand pockets and crampon carrying straps. It's up to you to put them in play!
Not only flexible, but adjustable - our Comfy 3D Contour Curve shoulder harness is mounted to our Torso Trak™ which allows instant in-the-field tuning for a change in clothes or leaders. Also, we've included enough racking on the BEAN's Tunnel Waist Belt and Thumb Loops up front to please any leader. Made in California by climbers for climbers.

color: black w/ red & 3M Scotchlite trim
materials: VX15 Pack Cloth, Duracoat Vinyl Ox Cloth, Coated Mini-Ripstop Pack Cloth, Nexus Airlock hardware

wt: 5 lb 6 oz (65-100 L);
minimum wt: 3lbs even -
stripped down for the summit
cap: 4000-6100 (extended)

  • 3D Contour Curve shoulder straps w/ thumb/racking loops
  • Tunnel Waist belt has gear racks, is removable – xs-xxl
  • Patented Flexframe guarantees comfort & carry power
  • Torso Trak™ suspension micro adjusts for a custom fit
  • Double reinforced bottom, triple stitched & taped seams
  • Removable top pocket doubles as a leaders hip pack
  • Removable bivy pad - 11.5 x 45"
  • 30" bivy extension w/ double drawcord (10" & 20" height)
  • Tool Tubes, 6x11" ski pass-thru and 11x20" shovel pocket
  • Daisy chains & crampon lash patch
  • 6 side compression straps
  • Wand Pockets w/ drains
  • Piggy Back - carries STEALTH or JET PACK at rear

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