Just out - the NFORCE ascender is ready for many miles of efficient big wall jugging, alpine ascents and demanding rescue chores. Utilizing a 3 section "linked" frame to apply your weight into the lever arm on the back side of the cam, the NFORCE provides a better grip on wet, muddy, icey and thin ropes - without the need for overly aggressive "teeth". This means less snagging and the resulting sheath wear. If you must reverse a move, let out some rope while cleaning or adjust your height to get the pendulum right, it's easy - just take your weight off the NFORCE, one at a time, and push down on the serrated upper edge of the frame. Likewise, the trigger finger hole makes it a cinch to pull the cam back and precisely position the ascender for optimum efficiency. This feature is useful too, while starting up a pitch or when you've tied in short and there's not much "rope weight" below. When you pull on the handle again or re-apply your weight, the NFORCE grabs the rope firmly and holds it tight. You'll also appreciate the supersized carabiner clip-in hole which allows you to clip and flip any screwgate or quicklock on your rack. CE and UIAA approved. Shipped anywhere.
strength: on rope:900lbf; minimum breaking strength 3375 lbf
discontinued - see INDEX ASCENDERS

wt: 8.6 oz / 245 g (ea) color: (right) anthracite
price: $XX
  color: (left) BD orange
price: $XX

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