This compact and lightweight personal ascender can accompany you on every climb and has many uses - for sack hauling, or in pairs- ascending or belaying oneself on a fixed rope and for many self rescue applications. To insert rope, pull and rotate side plate (like you would a pulley), reposition plate and then "lock" the DUCK shut with a symmetrical or oval locking carabiner (this is where you attach your foot loop, etrier or runner). The DUCK will slide up the rope easily and grab when a load is applied. Unique to this design are the "shingled" ridges on the cam and the 25 mm diameter bearing surface that has a small groove to center your rope. Very friendly! UIAA, CE approved for use on both dynamic and semi-static ropes and accessory cord ranging from 8 - 13mm; can also be used with a 10-15 mm web runner girthed to your harness to regulate it's length (be sure to anchor the rope, stay tied in and keep below the DUCK or runners support point). Instruction booklet included. Made in Italy.
color: citron / black wt: 2.5 oz / 70g (ea)
price: $64.95

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