Compact & Ultralight

Petzl tibloc ascender - B01

Carry a couple of TIBLOCS clipped to your harness on your next multi-pitch trad climb or glacier crossing. This compact, one piece, mechanical ascender all but replaces prussiks for ascending a fixed rope - whether you are scrapin' your way back to the high point after a fall or hauling yourself out of a cravasse. A TIBLOC also works nicely as a "progress capture" ratchet in a rescue "Z rig" or for casual day pack hauling. Use each TIBLOC with an ATTACHE (big hands) or AM'D (small hands) locking carabiner for an easy grab handhold. Once installed on the rope, actuate the TIBLOC by pressing it against the rope with your thumb to engage its teeth... then transfer your weight to the sling or foot loop connected to the TIBLOC. This forces the carabiner against the rope and the rope into the teeth of the TIBLOC to hold you securely. Instructions and rigging tips included.
strength on rope:
1080-1710 lbf (4.8-7.6 kN)
strength: 2700 lbf (12 kN)

wt: 1.4 oz (39 gm)
price: $30.95
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