2.standard belay mode

3. guide mode


This is one clever lever! The PIVOT is a vast improvement over single piece designs for smooth operation while in "guide mode" (#3 at left) in order to belay 1 or 2 followers directly from the anchor. DMM's two piece innovation moves the PIVOT's "hinge point" closer to the load point for easier release and smooth control of a weighted rope - which all your partners will appreciate. For belaying a leader (#2 at left) and rappelling - use in conventional mode... Do clip into the U shackle before de-rigging the ropes to prevent dropping the device.
Add this piece of gear to your rack to handle every dynamic rope from 7.3 mm -11 mm (optimized for 8mm-10.5mm). Costs about the same as simpler devices and less than some.
Made in Wales
color: red, blue, green

wt: 72g / 2.5 oz price: $29.95

The BELAY MASTER 2 set features a FAT BOY screw-gate karabiner that is further secured by a plastic safety clip. Once snapped into place the carabiner cannot open and your rope and your belay device and karabiner are aligned properly - without possibility of becoming cross-loaded.
price: $17.95


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