SILENT PARTNER Self Belay Device

In a unique way the SILENT PARTNER gives you a more efficient, more natural feeling solo belay that can be used on both free and aid routes and without a chest harness. This freedom allows you to go climbing on your own schedule and not be limited to bouldering, biking or taking a hike for the rest of the day. It is also a great training tool for those wanting to do repeated "laps" on a favorite pitch or top rope problem.
The SILENT PARTNER capitalizes on the frictional properties of the clove hitch knot supercharged with an internal centrifugal locking mechanism - much like an auto seat belt - to arrest a rapidly moving rope and "catch" a fall. Move slowly - rope feeds free, take a dive and your SILENT PARTNER will lock on the rope. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions and tips... and don't forget to tie your back up knots! Used with 9.8-11mm dynamic rope and two symetrical shaped locking carabiners - like the PIRATES below - for attachment to your harness.

396 gm / 14.6 oz
strength: 4000 lbf
SILENT PARTNER price: $243.00

Manual for Silent Partner

SOLO WITHOUT ROPE DRAG! Eliminate Rope drag when soloing by wearing one of our JET or STEALTH PACKS to carry your rope, water and rack your gear. Rather than having to pull up the weight of the rope (plus drag) take it with you! Tie a big knot in the end of the rope (and every 15-20 feet) then flake loosely in the pack. As you climb up, the rope is pulled out of the pack, over your shoulder and down through your SILENT PARTNER. Enjoy the extra freedom & confidence knowing that the slack end of your rope can't get hung up - on a knob, in a crack or around a bush.



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