The ATTACHE 3D is an evolved lightweight version of the most popular belay biner ever. Use for alpine and fast & light ascents and any time you need to shave weight off your rack. The 3D has been sculpted and deep forged to be 37% lighter and 15% thinner - while maintaining large rope friendly radiuses at both ends. Measuring 4" overall the 3D provides all the space and function of it's heavier predecessor. It has a smooth top curve for your belay device allowing your ATTACHE to align with the direction that you are paying out or taking in rope. The narrow bottom curve keeps the biner centered on your belay loop and resists rotation (which can interfere with a maintaining a smooth and close belay). Great for a belay anchor master biner - with plenty of room for a clove hitch or multiple knotted loops. The 3D sports a hooded gate, smooth internal surfaces and Keylock latch system which eliminates the parts that can normally snag on your harness and gear. As an added safety reminder a red warning band (on gate) alerts you to an unlocked ATTACHE. Made in France. Delivered anywhere in the U.S.

wt: 55 g / 1.94 oz
price: $20.95
10+ $18.85


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