Fixe SS TRIPLEX BOLTS #T424, #T466

The TRIPLEX is specifically designed for rock climbing and is comprised of 3 parts for the ultimate in simplicity, ease of removal, inspection and convenience of reuse. The one-piece bolt and expander wedge is activated by the external 17mm nut which eliminates potential hidden thread and expander cone corrosion deep in the hole. TRIPLEX BOLTS can be used in all types of rock - including soft and pocketed limestone. All stainless steel for the absolute corrosion resistance. Use special 12 mm drill bit - fits popular holders and all power tools with SDS. Use with 304 stainless steel 12mm Fixe SS HANGERS for easy to service anchor stations and lead protection.

5000 lbf
wt: 1.9 oz
TRIPLEX BOLT #T46612 mm x 55 mm (2.25") price: $7.20
TRIPLEX BOLT #T42412 mm x 75 mm (3") price: $7.85
12 mm SDS DRILL BIT #S078 price: $15.70
12 mm SS HANGER price: $3.50



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