The BX BALACAVA brings invention and technology to solve the age old problem mountaineers and expedtion climbers face by constantly breathing cold, dry air - which can affect the throat, upper respiratory tract and lungs. The balacava body is made from stretchy Polartec Powerstretch with a windproof Aqua Shell Panel in front. Mounted in this panel is the patented QXTec core-warming module which can be easily removed for cleaning. The QXTec Module works on a heat exchange principle (much like some scuba regulators). Air permeable "fins" condense exhaled moisure and collect heat as you breathe out. This heat and moisture is retained and recycled - warming and humidifying your next incoming breath. PSolars simple concept is approximately 80% efficient - so you can breath room temperature at sub-freezing conditions. A side benefit is that you should become less thirsty and dehydrated, retaining liquid that is usually lost through respiration. This promotes better sleep at night (ever wake up with "cotton mouth"?) and reduces rehydration efforts and even fuel consumption. Do your best to avoid the Khumbu Cough - use for all cold weather, high altitude climbs and expeditions. Can also be adapted for use with O2 systems.
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size: OSFA wt: 3 oz (85 g)
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