Thanks to all the Volunteers - What a great crew - this year's PCAD was the best ever.
Photos and recap of the 2016 Event will be coming soon....

Our mission is to help repair and maintain climber's paths and staging areas at Pinnacles National Park. We take the "joint task force" approach and involve both local groups and national organizations - all climbers are welcome. We also like to help clean up "hiker" trash - particularly in "off trail" areas with difficult access - like talus caves, steep canyons and remote areas.

2015 introduced a new format with project work Friday and Saturday a social, BBQ & Raffle Sat evening and Sunday set aside for climbing. We concentrated our efforts in the popular Upper Crust Area and got a lot done (still more to do). We hauled in materials and tools, hand sawed logs, pounded rebar and built some pretty awesome check steps and retaining. Our Team also rerouted a trail that had suffered from erosion - by brushing, cutting, grading and benching a more stable and preferred line. In total The PCAD's Team of 43 climbers plus 8 Pinns Staff and volunteers donated approx 483 hours of trail work - an estimated labor value of over $7,245!

Everyone worked safely, had a good time, laughed and shared some stories - even while "taking a log for a walk". Next time you visit the Upper Crust, your results will well appreciated. We look forward to carrying on this tradition with volunteers from the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, CSUMB - Outdoor Pursuits, Friends of Pinnacles, Sanctuary and Pacific Edge gyms and other outdoor businesses and THANK our industry partners and businesses who support this event. This year their contribution of prizes plus Raffle and Auction income from the 2015 PCAD have allowed us to make a donation of $1862 to The Access Fund this year. Be proud!

A special thanks to Pinnacles National Park and Staff - for hosting this event and allowing us to support them in their work and dedication to preserving the Park's resources for all to enjoy. Ranger "MAK" Mathias Kassahoun Spero was this years liaison and checked in with us regularly. The careful planning by Trails Department lead John Donham and new arrival Jim Huck was very much appreciated as was the logistical support and loan of base camp tables, stoves, lighting and pop-ups.
Several Park employees also volunteered their time: Gavin Emmons, Raptor Biologist; Alacia Welch, Condor Crew Leader; Scott Sherbinsky, Wildlife Health Outreach Coordinator and Interns Joey Negreann & Casey Demory. We appreciate your partnership!
Not to be forgotten is Jan Lemmon, Chief Ranger (who was on assignment out of the Park) and Karen Dorn-Beppler, Superintendent - who is a strong supporter of Volunteer programs that benefit the Pinnacles.

Thanks for your continued support. Due to many offers and interest, we are formulating a program to further develop and practice skills while completing projects started this October. We envision a new wave CCC - the Climbers Conservation Corps - to meet this challenge and support further restoration and maintenance projects. Our format will balance volunteer work and climbing with a few "work-a-day, climb-a-day" weekends scheduled this Winter and Spring. Space will be limited to 6-8 climbers on an advanced sign up basis. Interested? Shoot an email to climb510@MtnTools.com and we'll keep you posted.

Follow the signs to our Base Camp!

Great weather greeted the early Friday crew

Jim readies supplies while John checks out tools and gloves.
From here on, 6"x8' logs are hand carried. Kayla, Fletcher, Caleb, Raul, Bart and Logan -
getting ready for some log PT!

Logs were "light" in the parking lot...

Make way for the log train on the Rim Trail

Bob eyeballs & approves layout for steps

Bart readies the last piece to the puzzle

Friday's Upper Crust Crew
Gabby, Julius, John, Brad, Larry, Tom, Caleb, Aaron, Richard & Bob
Michael & Kathy (kneeling)

Saturday's Upper Crust Briefing
Check steps for "Giant Staircase" plus cutting and benching a new trail to eliminate erosion.

Ricky, Larry and MAK stand on new steps while surveying the work - lunch break Saturday

climbing stairs out of the caves, headed to the Hand and Frog approach via the CCC Road

Logan (CSUMB Outdoor Pursuits) levels
the new trail to the top

trail crew takes lunch break after cutting
a tunnel thru the brush

Calli checks the slope and drainage of new and properly benched trail to top of Upper Crust


Making good use of the new staging corral. Logan tends the belay.

Giant Staircase minimizes erosion and
provides sure footing up and down

Callahan checks her tie-in while Kayle readys the belay
while Fletcher, Logan, J-man & Connie take a break

Just below the lower chimney and log steps, we've created a staging area for packs & gear

FOP's Bruce "talkin' trash" with Cynthia and Dina while Tim & Aaron dissappear "over the edge"

The High Peaks Team had their plastic magnets
turned on "high" - what a "haul".

Can you believe the amount of junk? Climbers practice Leave No Trace and pick up after others

Aaron climbed down into this PO infested
canyon to collect the next "prize"

Lemme just slip in here for a little nap...

Proud of his team's catch, Bruce heads
to the weigh-in

Time to mellow out and enjoy some bbq with friends after a couple days of good work!

The climbing industry supports the PCAD with generous donations of gear

Ropes, rock shoes, approach shoes, gear, quick draw sets, gym certificates, packs, sleeping bag

The Raffle and Auction was a big hit!

Everyone went home a winner!

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