OCTOBER 23-25th

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Thanks to all the Volunteers
- who responded to our call to help repair and restore climber's paths and staging areas at Pinnacles National Park. This year's Adopt-a-Crag was a wonderful success. Climbers came from near and far and represented several groups from our greater community with strong representation from Salinas Valley Mountaineers, CSU Monterey Bay - Outdoor Adventures, Pacific Edge Gym - Santa Cruz, The American Alpine Club - Sierra Nevada Section and several individual climbers from diverse areas: Yuba City, Oakhurst, San Francisco & Peninsula cities, the East Bay plus the Monterey Peninsula, Marina, Salinas and King City! This years Distance Award goes to Mike Morin and Amanda Peterson - the awesome Access Fund Conservation Team who's racked up more miles then they can remember. We attracted "drop-ins" too - weekend climbers who were drawn to our energy and saw our purpose. Fair to say - everyone had a good time... while creating some great results. All are looking forward to next year's Appreciation Days - the fellowship, teamwork, raffle and (of course) climbing!
Thanks to Pinnacles National Park and Staff - for hosting this event and allowing us to support them in their work and dedication to preserving the Park's resources for all to enjoy. The careful planning by Trails Supervisor James Bouknight kept over 75 individual Volunteers busy right up to climb time. Cudos to NPS Volunteers too - John, Dawn, Gavin, Alacia, Scott, Ariana & Emilie. Special thanks to Karen Dorn-Beppler, Superintendent - who came out early Friday morning to share her welcome and is a strong supporter of Volunteer programs benefitting our newest National Park... and one of my favorite places to climb.
Thanks for your continued support. Due to many offers and interest, we are formulating a program to further develop and practice skills while completing projects started this October and last year. We envision a new wave CCC - the Climbers Conservation Corps - to meet this challenge and support further restoration and maintenance projects. Our format will balance volunteer work and climbing with a few "work-a-day, climb-a-day" weekends scheduled late Winter and Spring 2015. Space will be limited to 6-8 climbers on an advanced sign up basis. Interested? Shoot an email to climb510@MtnTools.com and we'll keep you posted.

NPS Trails Supervisor, James Bouknight (R of flag pole) leads the team briefing
Saturday morning and was impressed at the turnout! Were you there?

AF Conservation Team Amanda Smith, NPS Raptor Speicalist Alacia Welch & Access Fund Mike Morin share in the briefing

Guide book author Brad Young is flanked by
intern Emilie Sinkler & Raptor Biologist
Gavin Emmons

volunteers busy at work

rain or shine

Misty morning view of the Monolith and Reservoir beyond. Thanks Dawn!

Girrl Power! Emily & Catherine smiled while taking a bag of rocks for a walk... all the way to the Upper Crust. The rock will be packed in behind timber steps for structure and drainage.

Rigging class: 1st try a 2:1, then a 3:1 Z rig

Input force x pulley mech. advantage = output

Helena: "We are not building a giant condor nest... promise. We are blocking a social trail."

Gavin inspects a long lost toothbrush (and "rescues" a bunch of other trash in the caves)

Proud of their work - log steps in the chimney
now are the preferred descent at Upper Crust
Manly men Jamie, Riddell and Larry share a laugh upon completion of staging area at UC.

Layton & Aaron belay Caleb who descends into darkness in search of lost treasure & trash

New log steps & walls at Tourist Trap reduce errosion & provide easy access to popular climbs

Grill Master Erik and crew flipped an insane number of burgers to feed a hungry crowd

Lisa, Kristin & Brady hustle BBQ prep for workers coming in off the trail


Kim & Bradley give vegetables the chop before loading up the buffet tables.

Stoves are blazing & the BBQ is heating up! Rick & Jane keep count & an eye on RR, Tom & Erik

Ice tool T at the Pinns? Riddell must be doing some promo for ACC Cold Stream Cyn weekend.

Rosie from Pacific Edge brought some friends, her big smile & Gift Certificates for the Raffle!

Kathy previews the bounty! Gear Raffle & Silent Auction reward hard working Volunteers!

NPS staffer Dawn did a great job at the stove & behind the camera - recording the good work!

John beats "rush hour" at the buffet & stacks his plate with some pretty amazing food.

Everyone enjoyed FREE camping under one grand old oak tree. Be sure to join us next year!


Dark-thirty signalled the start of our abundant Gear Raffle & Silent Auction. Many winners went home happy! Thanks to all our Industry partners!

Everyone enjoyed a few laughs & took home some swag. Ticket orders support the event & help put on a good time. Thanks to all -
See you next year!!!
trail work photos by: Dawn, Kristin & Yoshi - many thanks!

2013 Pinnacles Climbers Appreciation Days
Photos courtesy of Dawn, Kristin, Yoshi