OCTOBER 24-26th


Thanks to all the Volunteers - who responded to our call to help repair and restore climber's paths and staging areas at Pinnacles National Park. With less than a weeks notice (after the government shutdown) climbers came from near and far (Boulder, CO; Tucson, AZ and several CA areas: Yuba City, Oakhurst, San Francisco & Peninsula cities, the East Bay plus the Monterey Peninsula, Marina, Salinas and King City! We attracted a few "drop-ins" too - weekend climbers who were drawn to our energy and saw our purpose. Fair to say - everyone had a good time... while creating some great results. All are looking forward to next year's Appreciation Days - the fellowship, teamwork and (of course) climbing!
Thanks to Pinnacles National Park and Staff - for hosting this event and allowing us to support them in their work and dedication to preserving the Park's resources for all to enjoy. The careful planning by Trails Supervisor James Bouknight kept over 60 individual Volunteers busy right up to the last minute (climb time was 3pm daily). Good to see Gavin Emmons, Raptor Biologist up and around (Gavin shot most of the photos below) and Mark LaShell, Chief Ranger & SAR Coordinator - who gave his day off to help heft loads and swing a sledge hammer. Not to be forgotten is Karen Dorn-Beppler, Superintendent - who is a strong supporter of Volunteer programs that benefit our newest National Park... and one of my favorite places to climb.
Thanks for your continued support. Due to many offers and interest, we are formulating a program to further develop and practice skills while completing projects started this October. We envision a new wave CCC - the Climbers Conservation Corps - to meet this challenge and support further restoration and maintenance projects. Our format will balance volunteer work and climbing with a few "work-a-day, climb-a-day" weekends scheduled this Winter and Spring. Space will be limited to 8-10 climbers on an advanced sign up basis. Interested? Shoot an email to climb510@MtnTools.com and we'll keep you posted.

NPS Trails Supervisor, James Bouknight leads the team briefing Saturday morning,
circled around the Visitor Center's flag pole. "Jamie" was impressed at the turnout!

Fabiana & Lucy help register Volunteers and answer questions abt Pinns - on their day off!

Danielle & Marshall checkin' in & pickin' up some swag - 5.10 Bandanas, Joshua Tree Lip Balm, Go Anywhere Bags and Sportiva beverage Koozies

Linda (Access Fund Conservation Team) &
DJ Skelton (Paradox Sports & our burger chef) sign up
for fun & some great prizes!

Several climbing companies stepped up at the last minute with many great Raffle & Auction prizes - which helped support the event

Casey & Mike (CSUMB) & Charles (Sanctuary) share a laugh before hefting loads to Disco Wall

Riddell (AAC), James & Ty (AF Stewardship Mgr ) discuss team assignments & strategy

Volunteers Riddell (AAC) & Larry (Mtn Tools) salute the finish of a retaining wall at Tourist Trap

Ian & Tom level out a split rail fence that defines approach path at Discovery Wall. Formalizing climber's paths, limits "social" trails and traffic on slopes where native plants will grow.

Completed fence with brushed slope below directs traffic to preferred path and nearby climbs while limiting erosion & allowing plant recovery

Many hands make work light! Everyone got a chance to try their hand at various tasks & were "forced" to take breaks -even Jamie gets lunch!

Alyse getting a workout with a PHD in fence post installation. Compacted soil and the occasional buried rock made digging a challenge.

Eszter (red shirt, foreground) and Chris from BAMRU provided First Aid standby & a ham radio net. If your interested in SAR - check em out!

Retaining walls restore trail at Tourist Trap - 6 ft logs, "pinned" together with rebar and back filled w/ granite drain rock provide solid base

Justin (foreground) and Brandon, Jim and Erik (background) tote their tools and loads. All materials were hand carried to each site.

Jamie inspects a job well done as Erik (MudnCrud) & Riddell (AAC) look on. Climbers seem to be well suited to manual labor...
Brandon (CSUMB) & Jamie "pinn" logs together with rebar, then granite drain rock is beat into place before backfilling & leveling tread.

Sunset Saturday - great time to kick back, rest weary muscles & finger tips, tell a few stories and visit with new (and old) friends.

Airstream kitchen (manned by DJ Skelton of Paradox Sports) and a buffet of delicious foods laid out by the one and only Jane (Mtn Tools).

After dinner - we had lots of fun and more than a few laughs at one of the best Gear Raffles and Silent Auctions ever - a reward for Volunteers!

Everyone enjoyed good food, libations and relaxation after a hard days work. Most said they would return for next years Appreciation Days!

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