Trango SQUID

Weary of worrying about your ankles and the landing below while wiggling your way to the first clip? Take a SQUID to calm your nerves and call me in the morning! This handy little device mounts on the end of a lightweight extendable painters pole (available at any hardware or paint store) and enables you to clip a quick draw and your rope into the first bolt on any route while standing safely on the ground. You can also clip your rope into a pre-clipped hanging 'draw! If you're working a seriously overhanging line - the SQUID can be used to rig and de-rig your project - eliminating awkward swinging and tensioning to reach each bolt and then manually unclip it. Use in situations that risking a fall would be totally unacceptable and likely result in a bad landing and injury. Perfect for turning your next dry tool nightmare... into a sweet dream!
Warning: Not to be used for bypassing rivet ladders, strings of dead heads or incipient RURP seams without first consulting with your spiritual advisor. discontinued

SQUID wt: 2.3 oz / 66 g price: na
SQUID POLE - 8 ft, 2 pc wt: 17 oz / 481g price: na

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Clip or un-clip your 'draw (and rope)

Clip your rope to a hanging quick draw
Pivot arm holds carabiner with gate wide open
Pull down & rotate pole to clip bolt & release SQUID
Rope arms hold bight of your rope to capture biner
Pull one end of rope to clip biner and you're ready to climb!
SQUID fits onto light weight, extendible painters pole
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