The MOUNTAIN TOOLS® WEB-O-LETTE® is simple, easy, bombproof. The original, easy to use equalizing anchor sling loads anchors without risk of shock loading remaining pro - if one piece "blows" the others are already tensioned. Secure, Equalized, Redundant with No Extension (SERENE). For speed and efficiency - just remember "V + W + 8 = On Belay!" WEB-O-LETTE® can also be used on 2 bolt sport anchors and makes setting up top rope problems easy. For compact racking, clip eyes together, pass tail thru biner folding in thirds, and tie...or twist like a kruller and clip ends together. Much stronger, lighter and easier to unknot than the old school "cordelette". Instructions included. 8 eye poppin' colors.

strength: (eye to eye) 3000 lbf (13.5 kN) (in anchor configuration) 4950 lbf (22 kN)
SPORT & TRAD length: 10 ft wt: 73 g, 2.6 oz price: $26.95
SUPER TRAD length: 12 ft wt: 87 g, 3.0oz price: $29.95


length: 14 ft wt: 100 g, 3.5 oz price: $32.95

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