Born way out West, where faces are long, cracks are steep and where modern cragsters have learned to be well organized and fast on the draw. Store/carry all the stuff needed for craggin’ (shoes & draws as well as trad hardware) in the ‘ROLL, then when you get called out for the next lead, unfold the tarp and transfer gear to your harness or SPEED SLING in the specific order dictated by the route. Tarp keeps gear out of the dirt, has plenty of gear loops plus 4 see thru pockets that keep track of small stuff: tape, nail clippers, vitamin I, keys, energy bars, etc. Stash in pack or carry car-to-crag or off to the gym via web handles. Hang tabs included for gutter rail gear sorts or wall mounting back at the ranch.

dims: 38" x 44" (2 rows w/36 clips)

CALIFORNIA ROLL wt: 12 oz (339 g)
color: red, roy, for, blk price: $84.95

DREAM RACK Go anywhere, climb anything (as shown). Hit our web page for the beta.
price: $1865 (save $330+)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 12:59 PM
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