8. Product Safety Advisory 11/27/1996


Black Diamond Equipment Ltd. is issuing a formal RECALL for select batches of Black Prophet Bent Shaft Ice Tools because of recent shaft failures (this recall does not apply to straight shaft tools). Over the last year we have seen approximately 1% returns from the suspect batches that have failed due to delimitation of the composite material from the aluminum core inside the shaft followed by bending and breakage of the aluminum. We have determined that it is relatively easy to break the shaft of the tool if you miss - hit it on an ice bulge or rock edge. This failure is generally not catastrophic if you regularly inspect and discontinue using your tool after such a miss-hit. To tell if your shaft is damaged look for bubble-like bumps or ridges or for large dents (cuts in the rubber from crampon deballing are not a concern). With continued use of a damaged shaft there is the possibility that the head can separate from the shaft rendering the ice tool useless for climbing or self arrest.

The suspect tools were manufactured between December 1994 & December 1995 (tools made in January 1995 are not part of the suspect group). It is very easy to tell if your tool belongs to this group of suspect tools. Look under the pick attachment point on the head of the tool where an engraved number will be present. If this number is either "D94" or falls between 5030 & 5365 then you have one of the suspected tools (tools with numbers other than the above are not suspect and are fine to continue using). If you have tools with the suspect numbers we ask that you contact the store where you purchased the tool and obtain a replacement tool. If you are unable to contact your store call us directly at 801 278-5533 or send us an email at bdmo@bdel.com and we can arrange for your replacement.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

The Employee Owners of Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.