Component Replacement: Android Ice Axe Leash

A small percentage of Androids manufactured this season are affected by this notification. Leashes manufactured between 4/02/01 and 1/18/02 need to be replaced, and can be identified by the cuff design in conjunction with markings on the Android Clip Buckle. THESE LEASHES SHOULD NOT BE USED.

Androids shipped during this time may be prone to the Android Clip Tab moving past the rivet. The clip tab may move past the rivet head and prevent the Android Clip from properly closing and opening. If you have an Android that meets this critera, please contact your local Black Diamond Dealer, the location where you purchased the Android, or the Black Diamond Warranty department for a replacement component. Replace the Android Clip Assembly and thread the webbing as shown.

Products manufactured and shipped since 1/19/02 continue to use this cuff design but can be identified by an "l" on the bottom of the leash tab or a 4-digit date code on leash tab and do not need to have the Android Clip replaced.

Remember to check all your gear before and after each use and retire used gear when appropriate.



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