Request for Inspection
1997 Manufactured Superlock Carabiners

Inspect Superlock Carabiners that are identified with a four digit number on the spine that begins with a "7" (see photo below). An interference between the plastic liner and metal sleeve of the gate may prevent proper closing or locking of the gate. Please clean your carabiner thoroughly then check to ensure gate function has not been compromised over time. Clean with mild soap and water and lubricate the rivet, hinge and between the plate and metal sleeves of the locking mechanism with a lightweight oil (WD-40). If gate does not close or lock, please return the carabiner for inspection and possible replacement.

Please include your mailing address and send your carabiners to:

Warranty Department
Black Diamond Equipment LTD.
2084 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City Utah 84124

(801) 278-5533

Remember to check all your gear before and after
each use and retire used gear when appropriate.

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