CAMP Tri Cam .0125 - July 3, 2008

TRI-CAM 0.125

C.A.M.P. SpA, in conjunction with all international distributors including C.A.M.P. USA, are releasing this inspection notice concerning the Tri-Cam size 0.125 (ref. 9230125) with batch numbers 01-07 and 01-08. We have learned of inconsistencies with the aluminium on a small number of units, which are identifiable via a hairline crack on the sidewall of the Tri-Cam near the pin.

Test results from all cracked units either returned from customers or identified from C.A.M.P. stock indicate breaking strengths have not been compromised as a result of this inconsistency. All cracked units tested higher than the stated breaking strength of 2.0kN in the chock (passive) position.

It is our recommendation that all distributors, retailers and users that currently own Tri-Cam size 0.125 with batch numbers 01-07 and 01-08 immediately inspect their products carefully. Should any thin cracks on any part of the Tri-Cam size 0.125 be present upon inspection, please return the unit(s) to your local C.A.M.P. distributor or dealer. Safety is of the utmost importance to C.A.M.P; therefore it is our request to all customers who own cracked Tri-Cams to return these units which will immediately be retired.

If you are within the United States please return to C.A.M.P. USA via the instructions below. We realize that a very small crack will be difficult to identify and if this is the case please send all concerned units back to C.A.M.P. USA via the instructions below and we will perform the inspection.

The only product concerned by this notice is the Tri-Cam size 0.125, ref. 9230125, with batch numbers 01-07 and 01-08, which were only available after March 2008. Should the batch number be unreadable on the piece you own due to field use, please return to your local distributor, dealer or C.A.M.P. USA for inspection. No other Tri-Cam sizes or batch numbers are affected by this notice.

Within the United States, cracked Tri-Cams should be sent directly back to C.A.M.P. USA via the instructions below. If the product passes our safety inspection it will be returned to you; if it fails we will replace the unit(s) with product that has passed our quality assurance and safety tests. Otherwise you will be offered a company credit of the same or higher value which can be used toward the purchase of any C.A.M.P. product, or a refund can be issued upon request.

Return Instructions: Please phone 303-465-9429 or email C.A.M.P. USA Dealer and Customer Services to request and obtain a return authorization and shipping instructions.

Shipping Address:
580 Burbank Street, Suite 155
Broomfield, CO 80020