CC Crampon

CCs are lightweight and nimble for delicate mixed climbing and super technical ice falls. Their modular front allows the ultimate in versatility for your chosen climbing style. Center or offset the mono-point, adjust the length to suit - short for mixed, long for ice... or convert to dual points for mountain routes. Check out the small inner spike on the heel - useful for hooking the backside of ice columns or flakes - you won't notice it until it's needed but it's there when you do!. If you are headed to the ice park or setting up for a comp, you can lighten up further by removing the linking bars and straps and bolt the CC's directly to your boots - with a single bolt - front and rear. The cool thing about this is it is easy enough to use the same boot for the approach and the climb - taking only a minute to add the crampon and bolts. This is a new and novel approach to increase performance and also shave weight off your feet. Vibram® anti-balling plates sold as an option
Made in Italy.
best: competitions & mixed routes wt: 30 oz / 850 gm

C COMP CRAMPON price: $219.95
FRONT POINT(spare 2 pack) price: $25.00
ABS PLATE - front (optional) price: $12.00
HEEL SPUR (optional) price: $25.00
CRAMPON BAG price: $8.00

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