DMM just brought a whole new level of performance to the carabiner. This recent design evolution synergistically combines DMMs masterful deep forging process with a 5.5 mm radius roller to reduce friction in your belay system, rope drag and rope wear. The roller acts like a friction reducing pulley and also eliminates bunching of the sheath and "chatter" when a weighted rope is forced over a carabiner' edge - as in a lead fall or lowering off. Combine this unique performance with a deep and secure bottom basket, low mass wire (or locking) gate and a double dose of good looks and you've got a versatile trick tool. Glide up your next sport route with little rope drag. Clip-climb-and-lower when working your next project. Zigzag your way over roofs (with plenty of directionals) or run it out on a balance-y scare-slabs... without the drag. Sport, trad, big wall and alpine climbers will find the super strong REVOLVER will extend your rope's life, give you new found capabilities, peace of mind and even perform as an emergency pulley . Exceeds UIAA and EN requirements for both carabiners and pulleys. Now available with your favorite locking gate too. Made in Wales, shipped world wide.
strength: 27 kN 7 kN 9 kN, wt: 44 g / 1.5 oz
REVOLVER WIRE price: $32.95, 10+ 29.65
REVOLVER SCREWGATE price: $36.95, 10+ 33.25
REVOLVER QUICKLOCK (red) price: $47.50, 10+ 42.75
REVOLVER QUICKSAFE (grn) price: $47.95, 10+ 43.15


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