Our Resling Service will replace your aged and worn slings with new Ultratape™ or 15mm Climb Spec (like original Camalot web).
Just like your rope, harness and rubber - slings, runners and quickdraws do wear out.
Manufacturers recommend replacement after 5 years of regular use, a serious fall or visible signs of wear (cutting, rope burn, etc) - all which compromise the slings original strength. Please note - we do not inspect metal hardware for defects, wear or function or warrant that your cams or other gear are fit
for use upon their return. By sending in gear to our Resling Service you acknowledge that you are
solely responsible for any inspections and also determining when to retire your gear from use.

Please allow plenty of time for your Resling Order (including shipping both ways).
Typical shop time is 4 days (excepting weekends, holidays and vacations) for orders of 5-25 cams.

Do plan well in advance of your next climbing trip.
Please note - we can not resling cams with bare wire "U" frame (like 1st gen. Camalots) or any other cam that was not factory equipped with a sewn sling (like the Kong Slit Fix). Best to upgrade to a cam manufactured in this millennium.
We "match the hatch" and use 15mm Nylon (similar to what's used on Camalots) to equal original manufacturer - at no additional charge.
Our service is recommended by C.A.M.P, CCH, DMM, Trango and Wild Country.
red, royal, azul, grn, yel, grellow, org, purp, silver, blk, gray, brown (assortment may change)

15 mm
BD Single Stem Camalots & Micro Camalots; HB Flexi-fix; Omega Link Cams; WC Friends, Technical Friends, Rigid Friends & Smiley Nuts (equipped with plastic insert)- most cams with cable eye or rigid stem designed to support web.

BD C3 & C4 Camalots; CCH & Fixe Aliens; HB Quad Cams & Micromates; all Metolius 3 & 4Cams - most cams with wire loop covered with durable tubing,


(8-12" doubled loop)

Trango Flex, Max & Splitter Cams; DMM 3 & 4 Cams; Rock Empire Cams; TechROCK Alien EVO Lites - ie cams that were factory equipped with extendable slings. Note: these models can also be fitted with REINFORCED OPEN LOOP for less bulk & easier clipping


(8mm Dyneema)

By special agreement and support from DMM, MtnTools is equipped to replace your dated slings on Dragons, Demons & Torque Nuts with factory original material, dating and protective shrink tube. If you purchased these cams early on - now is the time to resling! Save on postage, lengthy export shipping and return time.
E quavilent
Nylon (varied length
& material)

CAMP Tri-Cams .25" to 2" wide asst'd Nylon web:
#.25 - #2 sewn with factory Nylon web,
#2.5 -5 on Nylon with unique colors. #6 (black) & 7 (red)
#.25- #4

#5- #7

Nylon (stiffened)
3 layer stiffened Nylon slings (OEM factory material) for TriCam EVOs extend reach for overhead placements. Great for aid climbing. EVOs #.25 - #1.5 only.
#.25- #2 $14.95
(7-12" loop)

Cogs, Hexes, Hexcentrics, Rockcentrics - any chock, with 6-8mm factory drilled holes. * See DMM Torque Nuts above. Chocks with smaller holes will not accept 12mm Ultratape & require 4 ft of 5.5 mm Titan Cord ($1.34 / ft) which will be added to your order. -You must thread and tie with triple fisherman's knot.
(6-10" loop)

Old school Rocks, Stoppers, Tapernuts, Saddlewedges, Moacs - with 6-8mm factory drilled holes. Smaller holes will not accept 12mm Ultratape and need to be equipped with 4 ft of 5.5 mm Titan Cord ($1.34 / ft). A triple fisherman's knot assures security and full strength.
(3" loop, 4 tacks)

Hooks from BD, Cassin, Edelrid, Fish, Leeper, Moses TOMAHAWKS, Petzl, Pika Singing Rock, Vermin and others. Having a low bulk, durable, secure, easy to rack and strong sling on your hook may ease anxiety at certain moments. No more flimsy 1/2" tape to fray or untie!


(4-6" dogbone)
DMM Mamba, Double Mamba; etc. Fitted with heavy duty 3/4" flat Nylon or 16 mm Ultratape (depending on model)

(4" reinforced loop)

BD Lost Arrows, Angles, sawed off Angles, KBs, Bugaboos, BD Ice Spectre; DMM Bull Dog, etc. Fitted with 12mm Ultratape (depending on model), great for hand placements (camming and wedging pition) and compact racking. Tensile strength exceeds 3,000 lbf in first test.

1. Print our Online Order Form (click the green button below) to capture all your details. List your cams, chocks, etc (save a copy for yourself) - use "climb speak" - example: 5 CAMALOT C4s: 2/1, 2/2, 1/3. USE 1 LINE FOR EACH BRAND & MODEL OF CAM. If you are on a tight schedule let us know in advance to schedule your job. We cannot guarantee "rush" orders - so plan well in advance.

2. We will color match the current standard or what makes sense for the cams you send (same size = same color sling). If you prefer another color (other than our default) or Nylon web, please mark your gear accordingly.

3. To avoid unnecessary charges (shop time is $45 per hour), please cut off old slings.

4. If triggers are frayed or in need of replacement, please ask us to add Trigger Kit(s) to your order -(available for Black Diamond Single Stem & C4 Camalots). These are easily installed by anyone who can place a cam. Occasionally we might be able to do trigger wire repair - please ask.

5. Pack securely in a cardboard box. Do not let "pack and ship" businesses do this for you. No need for fancy packing materials, individual wrapping, etc - simply add crumpled news paper to fill
out the box.
Make sure that all sides and flaps are secured with packing tape.

Please do not send us PEANUTS or STYROFOAM as packing
material (which are outlawed in our city).

6 . Ship your order via Fed Ex or UPS to:
Mountain Tools - Resling Service
3845 Via Nona Marie - 222295
Carmel, CA 93923-9998
(Post Office will not deliver to this street address, see the address listed below)

If sending by postal mail / USPS - please send to:
Mountain Tools - Resling Service
PO Box 222295
Carmel, CA 93922-2295
(UPS & Fed Ex will not deliver to this P.O. Box address, see address listed above)

Declare the replacement value (we will do likewise) to protect your cams from loss or damage in transit. Keep a receipt until your cams are returned to you. Request "Signature Required" to assure your order is delivered to you, otherwise you are responsible. International Customers - please note: To avoid being charged duties and taxes - you must list the origin of goods as "USA" and that the items are "used" and sent in for "repair" on the Customs Declaration.

"Gunks Tie Offs" on Rigid or Forged Friends can be replaced with 18" of 5.5 mm Titan Cord which can be added to your order.
Orders not paid for within 30 days will be considered abandoned and sold for charges or disposed of.
For your convenience, click the button below, fill out your order, print and include with your cams. Save a copy for yourself.
For orders of more than 5 cams ($250+ value) we normally require a signature for delivery. If you are generally not available to sign, consider an alternate address or contact us for other arrangements. If packages are commonly left at your door and you wish to take responsibility - tell us on your order and we'll waive signature.
Any questions you might have should be answered above. Please re-read before emailing us! Thanks!

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