SALE #11510- 2015 model
sale - $98.88 SC
size: 6, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 UK

slip lasted



New lacing and tongue, same great performance. The Boreal LYNX has a moderately down turned profile, is medium stiff and features the super sticky Zenith Rubber - ideal for all types of climbing - from bouldering to crack climbs. Built with a medium thickness midsole with anatomical cutaway (in the center forefoot) the LYNX is stiffer than it's cousin KINTARO - for greater versatility and support. This cutaway enables you to maximize use of holds in an entirely new way - edge, smear or latch the inner edge of the cutaway and pull on a crystal, knob or square-cut. This technique will give you more security on smaller holds and longer staying power for harder cruxes. Nice!
New also is Boreal's V2 heel rand which comfortably tensions and cradles your foot securely. The LYNX also sports a firm and textured heel for hooking an edge, pulling in, then rocking onto the hold. Down under, the rear half of the Zenith sole is ribbed for traction while belaying or descending scary slabs - ala Tuolumne.
Manufactured from high quality split leather with offset speed lace system and breathable & padded mesh tongue. Great for gym, sport and trad climbers of all grades and abilities who want to step it up a notch. Made in Spain, shipped worldwide. Guaranteed Fit & a FREE T-shirt.

TOOL TIP: For close barefoot fit - convert your US running shoe size to UK (ie US 11 = UK 10) for super snug fit. Go up 1/2 size for balance of comfort & performance.

best: all around sport climbing
fit: med width, 0 down
color: yellow wt: 17.4 oz / 495 g pair UK 6
size: 3 - 12 UK half sizes price: $149
Use the SHOE TOOL to clean and prepare your soles before each bouldering session or climb to help you stick to the rock like crazy. Use a little water and either soft nylon or stiff brass bristles to remove dirt and oxidized rubber. Edges can be tuned with sand paper, crepe eraser will keep uppers lookin' good. Leash hole in handle.
size: 6" wt: 1.4 oz, 40 g price: $15


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All feet differ in size and shape (even left and right)! All rock shoes are built on specific forms (called lasts) providing a unique shape (curve, camber, volume & sole profile) to provide the the best performance in their category. We can help optimize your climbing by confirming your shoe choice (or recommending another) based decades of experience and satisfied customers.


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