Product Safety Advisories

Upon receipt of new gear and before each days climbing, always take
a close look at every piece of climbing gear: helmet, harness, rope, 'biners, runners and protection. Verify that it is assembled correctly
(ie the carabiner fitted properly thru the quick draw sling), operates smoothly (carabiner gates and cam triggers) and is free of dents, dings, cuts or burns (helmets, runners, rope). If you ever question any piece of equipment, set it aside and consider retiring and destroying it. Click the
link for info

Attention Mountain Tools Customers

Please read the attached PRODUCT SAFETY ADVISORY, INSPECTION or RECALL NOTICE carefully. It is being forwarded to you so that you receive the earliest possible, communication from the manufacturer concerning their product as is may affect its use and your personal safety.

Our records indicate that you may have purchased product from us that could be included in the specific manufacturing batch referenced. Please heed the advisory, inspection and warning advice and then follow the recommendations of manufacturer name included in their INSPECTION or RECALL NOTICE.

As always, shopping with Mountain Tools is an ongoing experience. Part of our service will always include notifying our Customers of any important produce use information. If you should have any questions, please contact Mountain Tools Customer Service (ph 831 620-0911 or ) or the manufacturer.

Thanks for your patronage, cooperation and understanding.


Wild Country Superlight Rocks Voluntary Recall
07/01/19 Moses Enterprises Tomahawk Wire Sling Strength Variations
Wild Country Syncro Harness Recall
04/13/16 Black Diamond Camalot Recall
Black Diamond Ascender Recall
Black Diamond Via Ferrata Recall
Black Diamond Carabiner Recall
Black Diamond Runner Recall
10/10/13 Wild Country Rocks Recall
12/10/12 WC Helium Carabiner Recall
06/20/11 Petzl Grigri 2 Recall for Replacement
05/17/11 Petzl Absorbica Self-Inspection
04/21/11 CAMP Photon Carabiners & Quickdraws
02/16/11 DMM Dragon #4 & #5 Recall
Totem Cams
07/23/10 DMM Dragon #6 Recall
07/03/08 Camp Tri Cam .125 Inspection Notice
06/13/08 Camp Tri Cam .125 Pre-Inspection Heads Up
06/11/08 Omega Pacific Link Cam Inspection
09/18/07 Petzl Sarken Crampon
06/15/07 Omega Pacific Link Cam
10/30/06 Petzl M34 BL Am'D Ball-Lock & M36 BL William Ball Lock
07/06/03 Black Diamond Speed Harness Recall
07/01/06 Petzl Ascender Notice
03/27/06 Trango #1 MaxCam Recall
01/12/06 CCH Alien Cam Recall
09/23/05 Omega Five-O Screwgate Locking Carabiners
03/14/05 Montrail Ice 9 Crampon Recall
12/15/04 Simond Ice Screw Recall
Metolius X Comp Carabiners
07/15/04 Wild Country Helium Carabiners
04/01/04 Petzl E71 DUO LED 8
03/18/04 Camp Tri Cam Defect Notice
01/30/04 Leeper Hanger Warning - Removal Urged
04/17/03 Black Diamond Bionic Crampon Return for Inspection
01/15/03 Black Diamond Telemark Binding Recalled
11/07/02 Splitter Gear Splitter Cam
06/07/02 Omega Pacific Quik-Lok Carabiners

01/15/03 Black Diamond Rage Ice Tool Recalled
03/13/02 1997 Black Diamond Superlock Carabiners
01/26/02 Component Replacement: Android Ice Axe Leash
05/01/00 Black Diamond Skylounge Portaledge
03/10/99 Trango Picks for Captain hook and Claw Ice Tools
03/07/97 Black Diamond Carbon Fiber Black Prophets
02/01/97 Grivel Rambo Crampons
12/15/96 PMI Dynamic 8.8mm Ropes
12/15/96 Metolius 3-D Harnesses
11/27/96 Black Diamond Black Prophet Bent Shaft Ice Tools
05/17/96 Omega Pacific Std Symmetrical Non-Locking “D” Carabiners

The Clinic Notes below are from informal lectures at our shop. They contain useful checklists, route reccomendations, bibliographies and related learning resources. Although they may not refer to a route or climbing area near you they should be useful to get you going or serve as inspiration to come climbing and packing in our region. Check with us for referrals to guides or information specific to other areas.


Clinic Notes

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